maxTD Rigging Toolbox


Fully integrated and customizable asset workspaces for self-contained rigs.
Different asset types.
Customizable types list.
Create portable assets with ease.

Mass item renamer.
Can work on any Modo item (i.e. Groups, Channel Modifiers, etc).
String management tools.
Handle names in your scene effortlessly.

Preset control curve shapes for multiple applications.
Insert into hierarchies easily.
Create parent transform (home) nodes for controls or any Modo item.
Extend your rigs more shapes beyond the ones available in Locators.

Joint Edit tools.
True-transform skeleton mirroring.
Create and modify skeletons and hierarchies like never before.

Sliders-on-path rig. Rig for any curve-based setup.
Piston rig. Rig straight pistons instantly.
Instant setup. No fuzz.

Easy-to-setup Parent Constraint.
Merge Transforms easily.
Support for multiple-selected items.

Quickly and easily perform all Modo native vertex map operations on multiple-selected weight maps.
Save hours of work!

3-point align tool.
Align with precision selected items, or a new Locator item.
Use averaged item or vertex positions as points of reference.
Create precisely oriented items to use as reference for your rigs.

A small log module included.
Python wrapper that allows you to log messages to the Event Log for your pipeline.

Set of ready-to-use assemblies for your rigs.
Designed for often-needed applications.
Use in any rig.
Based on native Channel Modifiers. Any user can open scenes containg them.

Separate CFG files to integrate certain tools to your pipeline.
Easily modifiable. Make the kit work the way YOU work.

Complete documentation for the entire kit.
Technical documentation for advanced users.
Documentation available from within your Modo session.

Initial deployment of all features.

Commands are decoupled from the UI.
Mesh Rigs: Cluster Selected Meshes Tool.
Create Joints or Locators from selected items.
Custom colors for items and controls.
UI tweaks.

Create locators from selected vertices on a mesh.
Grouping Tools with different center options.
Bake Falloff influences onto weight maps.
Multitude of vertex map tools.
Easier Morph Influence creation and animation.

New Gears assembly.
New Transfer Weight Maps Tool.
New Clean Up Weight Maps Tool.
New Import/Export Weight Maps Tool.
New Extract Weight Maps to Containers Tool.
Improved Piston assembly.
Added Options to Drop Locators Tool.
Added Options to Renaming Dialog.
Added UV Constraint option to Rivets Tool.
Usability improvements.