maxTD Rigging Toolbox Documentation

About maxTD Rigging Toolbox

Thank you for purchasing the maxTD Rigging Toolbox for Modo.

This kit for Modo 10.1 and higher intends to make life easier for users who have to deal with creating and managing complex assemblies of objects that need to work in harmony and interact with one another. Otherwise known as 'rigs'.

Creating and managing rigs can be a daunting task. That's where this kit comes in. It will help you deal with a lot of the complexity and tediousness in, hopefully, a more efficient way.

This document will explain in sections, the different parts that make up this kit. Also, examples of how to use the various tools will be provided.

So, without further due... the maxTD Rigging Toolbox.

1. Installation

2. Workspace Utilities

3. Items Utilities

4. Control Utilities

5. Skeleton Utilities

6. Rigging Utilities

This section includes some ready-to-use rig builds for different purposes. These are considered rig builds because they are not assembly rigs, but rigs that are built on the fly by a build script.

7. Channel Utilities

This section includes tools to modify channels on items.

8. Deformer Utilities

9. General Utilities

This section contains some general-purpose utilities that can be useful during rigging or similar tasks.

10. Technical Documentation

This section includes some techincal documentation on the kit.

11. About

This kit was developed by Sergio Mucino. Immense thanks go to those who gracefully and selflessly helped me along the way.

This kit was developed using Adam O'Hern's Good Kitty kit dev platform. For more information, please visit the Good Kity GIT repo.

This documentation is current for the maxTD Rigging Toolbox 1.1.0 release.