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Sergio Mucino
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Sergio Mucino has been working in 3D graphics for more than 20 years. Although having mainly focused on film/VFX, he's also done work for other markets such as broadcast, advertising, industrial visualization, and video games. He also has extensive experience in software development as a UX Designer and QA.
As an author and educator, he's worked as a Traning Specialist for 3D software companies, and had had several published works in books and magazines.


Every production has special needs.
Find efficient solutions.

Every production is different and comes with particular challenges. Due to the nature of the work required, scripting and tools development become important skills. Be it development of a custom tool, creating libraries or modules for a department, or even extending pipeline intergration, it all gets done. Service with a smile.

Characters. Vehicles.
Props. Environments.
If it's going to move, it needs to be rigged.

Rigging. Putting together a puzzle. Solving a problem. Making things move. Anything that requires to be animated, will have a rig. Big, small, simple, complex. For any type of project. You decide what it needs to do, and we make it do it. All fitting nicely into your pipeline.

Automation. Interactiveness.
Simplicity. Flexibility.
Procedural setups get it all done.

Complex assets. Lots of manual work. Tweaking, changing, updating. All this can be time-consuming and repetitive. A procedural setup might be able to do all that, automatically, and more. Set up right, procedural setups can be a real time-saver, while still allowing animators and artists enought control and freedom to be creative.

To the point.

For many tools, having a UI is essential. And UI/UX design is of great importance for any custom tool. Properly designed UIs propel the user towards productivity and make using the tool a pleasant experience.

Mentor. Guide.
Share. Help.
And learn through the process.

Whereas it is getting a reseller channel updated on the latest features, helping a new generation of artists get the knowledge they need to be competitive in the production world, or aid a work colleague through the adjustment period, training is ia skill that requires specific abilities. In the end, the reward is seeing someone move forward in life. We're all in this together.


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